ANGUS MACRAE is a composer based in London.

His work comprises albums and scores for many mediums, including theatre, film, and dance. Stream his music here.

Sheet music can be found here.

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2022 saw the release of Vivarium, a journey into the lost worlds of childhood imagination. Named in Headphone Commute’s best of 2022.

Previous albums include MMXIX, Cry Wolf, and Tides/Awake.
Collaborations include the EPs II and Silent Fall, written in collaboration with Ukrainian violist and composer Natalia Tsupryk.

Drawing on themes of memory and imagination, Angus’s solo work transcends its classical roots to create transportive, elegiac compositions of unflinching emotional honesty.

He’s released on labels including Deutsche Grammophon, K7 and his own imprint, Nation of the Sea.